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Here is my social experiment for the world to see. I have gone around and got about everyone i've wanted to be on my first gay porn site. I film all the gay sex content myself and sometimes join in! Check out all the cute gay boys i've got so far...

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I’m driving along in my convertible one sunny day on my way to the beach when I get pulled over by a smoking hot cop. “license and registration please” he says. I obediently hand them over to him and brush my hand over his and immediately the trooper gives me that knowing look that gay men give when they have acknowledged your sexual preference. I could feel my big gay dick getting harder by the second when he says, “step away from the vehicle sir and suck my huge gay cock!” I happily get on my knees and begin taking the uniformed trooper’s large swollen shaft into my willing mouth like I was in some dirty gay blowjob movie scene. I also let him frisk my nude gay ass cause I’m a sucker for a guy in uniform. Needless to say I didn’t get a ticket that day. :)

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Up your Alley fairI led Wolf Hudson to the Up Your Alley Fair, also known as the Dore Alley Street Fair, in San Francisco. Wolf, who would usually only top when it comes to a male/male scene, agreed to be tied down — and I couldn’t be happier. Because it was a last minute affair I didn’t have my flogger, but we managed just fine. We attracted a large crowd, and the fair promoter kindly asked us to move our demo every 15 minutes or so because we were blocking traffic and causing congestion. The weather was terrible, and Wolf was naked and starting to get cold, so we called it a day. Then Rico, with a huge flogger in his hand, came up to say hello. I was freezing, so I believed maybe a nice flogging would warm me up. Instead, Rico went to town on my back, causing welts and bruises. Please look for a future update where Rico will be getting what’s coming to him.

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When I joined the Army I never thought that I would meet any gay men. I just had a desire to serve my country. One afternoon while the rest of the privates were having lunch I went back to my cot to shower and maybe read a little. I didn’t realize that Private John D. was also taking some time away from the group. I always thought he was attractive and fantasized him pounding my gay ass but had not been prepared for the real thing! I was so excited and scared to think about getting caught but the minute he reached over to feel my big gay cock I didn’t care if the Army threw me down a fire pit. I was ready to swallow his shaft and suck his huge hairy balls!

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It’s college football season and that means we get to travel with our team and play. Only today we have just arrived to Miami and while the rest of the team is out trolling for girls on the beach, Josh and I stayed in the hotel room to play some cards. Josh (a virgin) told me how he was always curious what it would be like to suck some young gay dick. I didn’t waste any time to whip out my swollen big gay cock and Josh descended upon my shaft hungrily. I then knew he was happy taking a mouthful of stiff gay cum and making me shoot hard.

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I had always filmed straight porn movies and when I was asked to film a gay asian threesome, I hesitantly agreed. It was my first time watching three gay Asian men explore each other’s big gay cocks with such wild abandon. While they moaned and writhed passionately I began feeling my own cock swell under my jeans. Since they weren’t paying any attention to me I continued filming the scene whilst secretly stroking my stiff prick. Watching one of the Chinese gay men take another in his ass while he sucked the big gay dick of the hard guy in front of him was making my own shaft throb harder and harder for the smooth body of a milky Asian.

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